Why BlockChain is insecure by design?

  1. You don’t know who is Satoshi Nakamoto? (I think it is an AI)
  2. You don’t know BlockChain is free or paid idea, has a license or not?
  3. You need to store BlockChain keys and datas on a No-SQL Db on an OS. And a hacker can hack the OS and No-SQL Db, and can copy the database or change the database. So you still need to secure your OS and your network.
  4. If the hacker changes the blockchain database, the database will be invalid. You can solve that problem with decentralization. But if the hacker changes the longest chain db, you will lose some data, and maybe your decentralization will fail.
  5. If you use RSA, SHA256 crypto algorithms in your blockchain a quantum computer can solve hashes, and keys will be readable and changeable. The quantum computer can change the data and insert illegal data to the chain.
  6. An advanced cryptography specialist AI can analyze whole chains and analyze data-hash change relation. By this way it can solve your crypto algorithm and may hack your genesis block.

How to Develop Strongest BlockChain Solution

  1. Unique Genesis Block must have strongest hash.
  2. Use Post-Quantum Security Algorithms, unknown algorithms are better than the public ones.
  3. Secure your OS and your network.
  4. Make your BlockChain private if possible.
  5. Encrypt the data.
  6. Or develop better insert-only secure db idea from BlockChain.

Senior Developer